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Facebook’s TV Video Chat Camera May Also Bring Major Streaming Services

It was first reported last year that Facebook is working on a new Portal-like device which will hook up to a TV and allow you to make video calls using its platform. The reports had also mentioned that this device may enable users to access Facebook Watch on their TV as well. A new report mentions that this device may serve as a set-top box of sorts by enabling users to access other major streaming services as well.

The Information reports that Facebook has approached Disney, Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and Amazon to talk about bringing their video services to its device. Facebook apparently views this as a big selling point for the camera since the device will then be able to serve a wider purpose than just enabling users to make video calls over Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

This won’t exactly be a first for Facebook. The company did confirm at its F8 developer conference in April this year that its Portal devices will soon be able to stream content from Amazon Prime Video. It also brought news channels and YouTube to the device in December.

Facebook hasn’t said much itself about this new device but if the reports are any indication, the company is looking to launch this new video chat device by October this year.

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